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We can deliver content within hours, not days. You can receive content within as little six hours.

Article Marketplace has successfully obtained first page rankings for many clients. There is a lot that goes into first page rankings such as website speed and the competitiveness of a keyword. We can certainly help you obtain first-page ranking, but it will take some time. Many factors must be evaluated. Article Marketplace has achieved first page rankings for its own website, and that’s due to hard work and determination. These are the same qualities that we will pass over to our clients.

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Yes, we offer unlimited revisions. The first three revisions are free. After the first three revisions, the fee is five cents per word for each revision.

Article Marketplace guarantees the originality of all content. All content is passed through Copyscape prior to being placed for sell on our website or submitted to a customer. Upon request, we will provide proof of the content’s originality.

One of the best ways to build your brand is through blogging.  

Consistent blogging also offers your audience relevant and useful content. Blogging is relatively inexpensive, and it has the potential to bring massive amounts of traffic to your website. According to numerous studies, many companies have increased website visitors by nearly 80%. Some of the most successful businesses will admit that blogging is critical to their business.

Here are some ways that blogging will help your company.

Boost Online Visibility
All the search engines love fresh content, and blogging is one of the most inexpensive ways of creating this. With regular blog posts, you’re consistently providing the search engines with new content for indexing. The addition of relevant keywords will allow online searches to possibly end up on your site for the type of services they desire.

Strengthen Existing Relationships
For you to be effective with online marketing, customer engagement is essential. Blogging increases the connection with existing customers, in a way that’s not sales like but conversational. Blogging is the platform for building trust and targeting potential new customers with the use of high-quality content. An active comment section will also allow you to get feedback for your visitors while improving your services or products.

Demonstrating Authority

Regardless of your business size, blogging is a good way of building trust and demonstrating knowledge and authority within your industry. The regular posting of valuable content allows your company to be viewed as an expert within your field. Within time, frequent posting of content can make your website the “go-to” location for information within your industry.

Increase Brand Awareness

Maintaining and increasing brand awareness is vital for the long-term success of any business. Regular blog posting allows a personal connection with your audience. You can also engage existing customers in a way that’s not possible with traditional outbound marketing strategies.

Sharing Opportunities

The strategy of sharing your content is the most powerful opportunity for expanding your brand. It offers viral traffic and the opportunity for massive growth. With many sharing platforms, visitors can share links to your blog.

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