Blog Writing Tips

Blog Writing Tips

Blog Writing Tips for Traffic Generation

Online writing tips for creating content are usually focused on specific keywords.  It’s all about generating traffic, which is understood. However, it hardly ever focuses on writing for the overall audience and how the article will be viewed by the vast majority of the population, who now seeks quick information. When writing content to share on social media, you must view it from the reader’s perspective.  When someone visits a link through social media, they are usually seeking quick information.

Analyze your blog writing format and structure it to avoid a roaming eye.

Vital Information Comes First

In journalism, it’s a well-known strategy to hook your audience in at the beginning.  You should implement the same strategy when creating content.  Whether it’s a blog post or an editorial, you must grab your readers attention with enticing information.  Now, that’s not to say that you should give up everything in the beginning, but you want to give enough information to persuade the reader to continue reading.

You can use a question or hint at something that is going to peak the reader’s curiosity. Although providing vital information first is an excellent strategy for getting readers to read your content, it can’t stand alone.

Avoid Long Paragraphs

A very important blog writing tip is to avoid long paragraphs. If your paragraphs are long, you’re at risk of losing your readers. Often, readers will scan blogs before even reading them.  It’s just like viewing a physical structure. A person’s feelings are generated based on how something looks.  Long paragraphs are equivalent to someone standing on the ground in Dubai and viewing the Burj Khalifa Skyscraper. It can be overwhelming for some people.

For a culture seeking quick information, the likelihood of most people sitting down and patiently reading long paragraphs is unlikely.  Most people are looking for key points that will tell them what the content is about.  Very short paragraphs that get to the point is what most readers enjoy.

Although this approach may seem disconcerting for individuals who are elaborate writers, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on material.  High-quality content is important, and it will always remain in demand.  What matters is how it’s structured.

Create Bullet Points

Highlighted text is one of the first things people look for when scanning an article.  Bullet points are an excellent way of highlighting details.  It’s also a time-saver for individuals conducting research.  For those individuals who are just reading for general purposes, they are likely to view the bullet points first, then back up and read the content in its entirety.

Subheadings are critical, for it organizes the content.  You may have a reader that is seeking a specific piece of information and may find other portions of the article unnecessary.  By having subheadings along with highlighted information, readers can find the needed information quickly.


You always want to think about your vocabulary and the demographics that you are trying to reach.  Regardless, your sentences should be simple and easy to understand.  By writing simple and clear content, you can grab the attention of most people regardless of age, race, or culture. A very good bounce rate is typically 25%-30%, which shows that most readers don’t remain on a site very long.

If your content is not clear and easy to understand, you will have a high bounce rate, and this will ultimately affect your search engine ranking. When creating content, look beyond the SEO aspect of it. SEO does matter, but it shouldn’t be your primary focus. Your primary focus should be your reader. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and write content that’s interesting to the reader.

By putting the reader first, presenting vital information in the beginning, avoiding long paragraphs, using bullet points, and keeping the vocabulary simple, you will be well on your way to creating content that’s likely to keep visitors on your site and decrease your bounce rate.

The blog writing tips provided in this article will help you increase your customer base and generate more traffic to your blog. If you want more valuable business information, subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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