Federal RFQ & RFP

Pre-Payment Proposals

Pre-payment proposals require payment prior to the preparation of a proposal. If your company meets the qualifications for post-payment, please contact us today for an evaluation.

What it Includes

  • Dedicated Graphic Artist for Visual Enhancement
  • Dedicated Copywriter for Persuasive Writing
  • Dedicated Contract Specialist to Verify Solicitation Compliance
  • Images, Infographics, Timelines, Charts, or Graphs
  • Free Revisions
  • Delivered in PDF format
  • Printing Services (Optional)

Post-Payment Proposals

Post-payment proposals are proposals prepared without any upfront money, rather a 1% fee ($3,000 minimum) is applied to the award amount. In order for a company to qualify for a post-payment proposal, the company must meet the following criteria.

  • 3+ Years in Business
  • Completed a Similar Project Within the Last Five Years
  • Qualifiable Management or Key Personnel
  • Financial Certification to Cover Contract Terms
  • Satisfactory Past Performance

Assessment Fee: $150. 

Post-Payment Fee: A $500 post-payment or $83.33 monthly proposal fee is applied. NAICS codes evaluated and approved are good for six months. We will prepare an unlimited amount of proposals for approved NAICS codes.

View Sample Capability Statement

Appearance matters in the contracting sector. A professionally designed Capability Statement, written by a professional copywriter offers a competitive edge in the selection process.

View Sample Request for Quotations

Need to submit a response to a RFQ? Our graphic designers and copywriters will prepare an informative and visually appealing quote that generates interest while magnifying qualifications.

View Sample Request for Proposals

Submit an unforgettable proposal that's intricately designed for easy interpretation, yet offering a visually appealing layout of text, images, infographics, timelines, charts, and graphs.

RFQ/RFP Response Pricing

RFQ & RFP responses typically include five or more of the following: cover page, cover letter, updated Capability Statement, about us page, executive summary, resumes, quote/pricing summary, exhibits, infographics, timelines, charts, and graphs. Click the chart below to order now.


A Capability Statement can be any length. However, a one-page capability statement is recommended for most businesses. 

A Capability Statement is typically completed within three business days, but it can take up to five business days depending on work volume.

A graphic artist will custom design your Capability Statement, RFQ, or RFP. A professional copywriter will write the content.

Documents are typically designed in Adobe InDesign and delivered as a PDF document.

No. Each company is prepared a unique Capability Statement, specifically tailored to the contractor’s industry.

Yes. If we are preparing a RFQ or a RFP Response for a company, the contract specialist will review the solicitation notice in its entirety.

Our consultation rate is $100 for a 30-minute consultation session. You can contact our office at 561-666-7524 to schedule an appointment.

We normally complete a RFQ response within three business days, but it can take up to five business days depending on work volume.

RFP Responses can take up to three weeks to complete. The completion time varies depending on the industry and FAR requirements.

Yes, we do offer expedited services. The expedited services fee is $50 for a Capability Statement, $100 for a RFQ response, and $500 for a RFP response.

A post-proposal evaluation is conducted by the administration department to determine whether or not the initial proposal fees are postponed.  The administration department will verify references, key personnel, education, years in business, financial status, completed projects, and more. 

Once your company is authorized for post-payment, our company will submit an unlimited number of proposals for the authorized NAICS codes. Also, please keep in mind that the authorization is only good for six months. After six months, the company is re-evaluated.

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