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Great Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

You are passionate about your new business. You are familiar with your local market, and you are preparing to launch. You’ve thought about online marketing, but you’re not sure which online marketing tools for small businesses to use. You need a marketing plan that works and will increase your business revenue.

You also need a website and social media accounts. Your website needs to interact with your social media accounts.  You will need a source of data that will tell you which marketing strategies are working and which ones are not.

For a new business owner, it can seem overwhelming. 

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How do you start branding your company online? How do you decide which keywords to use? How do you obtain visibility in the search engines?  How do you get amazing content that will engage your readers?  How would you know if your website and social media pages are being viewed?  Are your blog posts being shared?  How are your competitors getting leads?

Where do you begin?

Don’t worry. There are a variety of tools that can help you with creating and maintaining an effective marketing strategy online.

Here are some great online marketing tools for small businesses.  

Free Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Because most new businesses have a limited budget, lets first look at all the free online marketing tools for small businesses. There are many companies that offer their services free for startups. By using these free online marketing tools, you can establish a professional online presence with a small amount of money.


First, you will need a website.  Although there are many platforms that you can use for building your website, it is highly suggested that you use WordPress.  WordPress is the most used website platform on the Internet.  According to WordPress, it powers over 30% of the Internet.  

If you’re operating on a small budget and you want to create a website that’s unique and engaging, WordPress is your best option. Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the greatest online marketing tools for small businesses.

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Although WordPress initially has a slight learning curve, over time you will be able to master their platform. WordPress has many front-end builder plugins available, so you can easily build an amazing website with lots of functionality and no knowledge of code. This is what makes WordPress so different from any other content management system. In addition, the WordPress platform allows you to easily add and edit content.

WordPress is one of the best free online marketing tools for small businesses. You literally don’t have to pay anything to use their system. However, you will need to purchase hosting services and a domain name.  Hosting and domain fees normally don’t exceed $60.

Monthly costs will depend on the number of plugins you decide to use and your hosting provider fees.  One great thing about WordPress is that you have financial control over your monthly expenses.


If you are designing your own WordPress website, you definitely want to check out Elementor. You can create a custom built WordPress website without losing a whole lot of time. Some of the themes in the WordPress theme repository are not designed for beginners, and it can take months before your website is operable. If you don’t have that kind of time, there are many themes that work well with Elementor.

Elementor offers a free version in the WordPress plugin repository. However, it’s recommended that you use the Pro version if you want greater functionality. The Pro version has ready-made templates and many additional features. The cost of the Pro version is $49 for one website. 

If you are on a really tight budget and you can’t afford the additional $49, you can still create a beautiful website with the free version.

As with WordPress, Elementor has a slight learning curve. However, after a week, you will begin to see how simple and easy it is to use.

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One of the reasons Elementor is one of the greatest online marketing tools for small businesses is because of its simplicity. Their platform is extremely simple.  They even have visual design helpers for quick recognition when editing.

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WordPress and Elementor are the perfect combination for creating a custom designed website that is just as appealing as your competitors. Once you have Elementor installed, Darrel Wilson prepared a great tutorial on designing a website with Elementor. You can view the video below.

Answer The Public

Before you start looking for keywords, you should know what readers are looking for.  Answer The Public is one of the greatest online marketing tools for small businesses that we’ve discovered this year. Historically, many web developers have only used Google Adwords for keyword research. Answer The Public is a new powerful tool in SEO. It tells you what the public is searching for.

Answer The Public is free for bloggers and solo marketers. The pro version is $49 per month. If you are a new business, the free version should be adequate. Target the long tail keywords in your niche with low to medium competition, and you should be able to rank successfully within about six months.


Working off an extensive database with millions of searches, Answer The Public predicts what people are looking for based on keywords.  The results are displayed as a wheel.  They are all organized according to what they begin with: which, what, when, why, which, who, and are.  Answer The Public also provide its users with phrases that contain prepositions, like with, without, for, and versus.


Buffer has a large customer base, and the company has been in business for many years. The average blogger will probably tell you that Buffer is a necessity when marketing a website. Their platform allows you to automatically post and manage social media accounts.  Posting manually can be a very time-consuming process when you’re trying to post on multiple social media platforms.

Buffer prices vary according to your needs. Buffer’s services are free if you are posting to no more than three social media accounts.  Business plans start at $99 a month. Buffer also allows you to control the posting frequency and analytics for tracking results. When time matters, Buffer is a great tool for distributing content from your website.

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If you ask the most independent realtors, they would probably say Textedly is one of the greatest online marketing tools for small businesses. Textedly allows you to send a SMS message to 5 or 5,000 people instantly. Millenials are big fans of texting.

SMS marketing is a great tool for generating leads, especially if you’re selling real estate.  For example, you can immediately notify potential buyers of a new home that just came on the market.  You can also text your customers about new promotions. SMS messaging is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Research has confirmed that nearly 98% of all text messages are read within the first five minutes.

As you can see from the image below, Textedly platform is incredibly simple.  You login, create a text message, and hit send.  The text is instantly delivered to all of your contacts. Additionally, Textedly has partnered with many large mobile carriers, confirming that messages are delivered instantaneously. Textedly offers a 14 day free trial. You can try Textedly for free. The free version allows up to 300 texts, and the $20 plan allows you to send out 2000 messages per month.

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Paid Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Article Marketplace

Creating content for your new website can be time-consuming.  Engaging content takes time to create, for it involves research, preparation, and editing.  For your business to be successful online, producing content regularly is a must. This is the primary reason why Article Marketplace is one of the greatest online marketing tools for small businesses.

Website traffic can be difficult to get if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Article Marketplace specializes in SEO and traffic generation.  They also have a large selection of prewritten articles for sale. They guarantee the originality and grammatical structure of all their articles.

All of their Dynamic SEO packages come with a SEO analysis report detailing the following: number of keywords, LSI keywords, keyword density, readability level, and authoritative links.  They also provide images, charts, graphs, and video integration.

Their online store has many prewritten SEO articles for sale. This is great when you are looking for articles on demand.  You can also suggest that an article is added to their catalog without any financial commitment.  In addition, their customized content offers unlimited revisions.

Campaign Monitor

Email marketing has existed for years, and it is still an effective way of marketing when targeting a large audience.  It’s very similar to SMS messaging, for you can reach thousands of clients by clicking a button.  If the subject line is intriguing, the customer will open the email and possibly read it.

With email marketing, you can update your subscribers with local news, interest rates, promote an event, or send out informational blogs from your website.  Email marketing allows you to build a stronger relationship with your customer.  It also allows your business to appear as an authoritative site within your niche.

Some people have said that email marketing is dead, but the data continues to show that email marketing is not dead and is still one of the best online marketing tools for small businesses.

Campaign Monitor has an amazing user interface. It has a drag-and-drop platform in which you can easily build custom designed emails.  You can also select from many pre-designed templates.  Whether you’re using a desktop computer, tablet, or a cell phone, Campaign Monitor works well with each of them.

You can also set up autoresponders based on action and date.  This will increase clicks and activities. You want more clicks, so you can generate more leads and increase sales.

Campaign Monitor has subscriptions as low as nine dollars per month.  Their subscriptions are based on the volume of contacts and messages sent out monthly.  You can choose a plan based on the type of service you need. Campaign Monitor has a basic plan for only nine dollars a month, and it includes the monthly distribution of up to 2,500 emails. 


Buzzsumo was created so you can know what marketing strategies are working and which ones are not. Buzzsumo allows you to focus on your niche and provide social media data on the best marketing strategies.

The analytical data that Buzzsumo provides is very detailed and easy to understand.  You can view which posts were shared the most.  Additionally, you can see which posts are currently popular, backlinks, and an analysis of how your website is performing within various social media outlets.

You can even sneak on your competitors and see how they are performing. As you can see, Buzzsumo provides you with the information that’s needed to focus on marketing strategies that work.

Some popular companies like Capital One, IBM, and Yahoo use Buzzsumo to help build a stronger brand.

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Instapage boast that it’s the best marketing tool for turning clicks into conversions.”  Many affiliate marketers swear that it’s one of the best online marketing tools for small businesses. If you’re paying for ads, Instapage is great for creating dynamic landing pages.  If you’re wondering what a landing page is, just refer to the name. It is a page that your customers will land on once they have clicked on your ad.

A landing page allows you to grab the attention of potential clients.  It is typically the first contact that the client will have with your business.

Instapage is a great online tool for small businesses seeking to instantly market a product or service. By using Instapage, you can design a landing page from scratch or use one of their existing templates. Instapage has integrated various tools to assist you with an online marketing campaign, such as social media ads, CRMs, and email marketing.  You can also link your Instapage to the type of traffic that you are seeking.

Just like any other do-it-yourself platform, you can publish content by phone, add buttons, add widgets, and get customers engaged. In addition, all Instapage users have access to analytical data for viewing landing page performance.

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is very similar to Buffer. If you want to double your traffic, automating social media will help.  MeetEdgar automates social media postings.  Some customer reviews claim traffic increases.  This platform automatically manages your online content, so you’re not spending a lot of time posting. 

The price is $49 a month and it manages up to 25 social media accounts.  The amount of content is unlimited and you can schedule up to 1000 time slots. For businesses, Meet Edgar appears to offer better pricing than Buffer.

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These online marketing tools for small business should provide you with a great start. They are the building blocks to a great marketing campaign. Allow yourself at least a month to become familiar with all the platforms you decide to use. All of them are great tools for marketing, and every one of them offers time-saving strategies to make your business run more efficiently.

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