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About our pre-written articles

100% Unique Content

All pre-written articles for sale are 100% unique and Copyscape verified. Articles are professionally written to be informative and engaging.

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Free Images

Royalty free images are standard with all pre-written articles. Each article has a high-resolution image that is immediately available for download after purchase.

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Instant Access

Need an article fast? View a variety of pre-written articles for sale. Articles are immediately available for download after purchase.

No Grammatical Errors

Every article is meticulously reviewed by an editor to ensure proper spelling, capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar usage.

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Expert Writers

Articles are prepared by expert writers across all industries and niches. Each article boost communication, while keeping readers intrigued.

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Text Statistics

Text statistics allows you to view the article's total words, stop words, keyword density, single, and two-words phrases.

Superior-quality articles

All articles are well researched, handwritten, and edited before they are marketed for sale. Each article is prepared to engage the reader and decrease bounce rate. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow.

vareity of topics & subjects

Article Marketplace online store works with a team of expert writers in various fields, including but not limited to automotive, business, dating, food/beverage, healthcare, legal, lifestyle, travel, news, fashion, religion, science, and more.

custom articles

Article Marketplace offers a large selection of pre-written articles for sale.  You can browse hundreds of pre-written articles in any niche.  If you’re unable to locate the type of article you want, you can order custom content with unlimited revisions. We will produce the article according to your specifications, typically within 24 hours.

How to view our Pre-written Articles

Snippets of all pre-written articles for sale are viewable when clicking on the designated link.  Every article includes one to two sentences from the introductory paragraph, the body of the article, and the concluding paragraph.  To view a larger version of the article snippets, you simply click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner.  Customers can also view a brief summary of the article, which can be viewed on the shop page and the article information page.

Category and tagging information is located under the “add to cart” button.  By clicking on a designated category or tag, the website will show other content that is in that category or has that tag. The free images included with each article can be viewed just below the article snippets preview.

Images are provided with all pre-written articles for sale. Website owners no longer have to worry about purchasing images for their website. The images are immediately available for download after purchase. All free images are high-resolution and of the highest quality.

Statistics are provided on all pre-written articles. The text statistics displays the total words in the article, stop words, keywords, keyword phrases, keyword count, and keyword density.

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Article Marketplace has also integrated a search engine feature to make finding an article by topic or keywords easier. If you have any problems viewing any of our pre-written articles for sale, please contact us.  We will respond promptly.

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