Lynne is a well-established professional writer and has been writing top-quality content for over 5 years. She owns an internet radio station, digital media technology company, and broadcasts to the world from her town of 6500 people. A former educator and counselor, she has a strong background in psychology, literacy, education, and digital media production. She worked for a radio station “in the real world” for 12 years and is FCC licensed. She is good at writing stellar copy in a short time frame and has never missed a deadline. She prefers to write content in one of her specialty areas but will write on other topics if requested. Specialties include technology (all subjects), cyber warfare and security, digital media production and marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, freelance writing careers, work-at-home career tips, business tips for online entrepreneurs, time management, audio/video production, stock building and finance, organizational tips, education and psychology, psychological warfare, web copy and blogs. She looks forward to working on your next project!